Looking forward, I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities to bring value to brands and organizations looking to shake things up, and get closer to the cultures that drive their audiences.



I'm looking to embark on new challenges and opportunities where I can apply my passion for innovation in music marketing and creative leadership.

My journey in the dynamic world of marketing and brand storytelling has always been about forging connections that inspire and drive action. In my pursuit of full-time roles or executive board positions, I am seeking platforms where my vision for integrating cultural insights with marketing strategies can thrive. Ideal positions include Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President of Brand Strategy, or Director of Creative Marketing, where my experience in crafting campaigns that resonate with global audiences can be maximized.

Additionally, I'm drawn to executive board roles in innovative companies within the music, entertainment, and digital media sectors. Here, I aim to leverage my extensive industry experience to navigate and shape the ever-evolving landscape of digital creativity and cultural marketing.

Reflecting on my past leadership roles, including key positions at Spotify and co-founding Verse + Hook, I have always aimed to bridge the gap between music and consumer engagement through innovative campaigns. These experiences have honed my ability to lead teams toward remarkable achievements, and I am eager to bring this expertise to your organization.

Let's Join Forces.

Partnering with me offers your team a significant advantage. With over 15 years of experience at Spotify and other global brands, I've dedicated myself to elevating the connection to your audience with marketing campaigns that resonate on a cultural level.
My work, leading to the creation of award-winning campaigns for household names, reflects my commitment to transforming creative visions into tangible successes.
My journey has been one of learning and growth, and I'm keen to bring this experience to your team, valuing our collective achievements over any individual accolades.



From executive marketing leadership to creative stewardship, I have led teams throughout a multitude of roles.
2017 - Now
Co-Founder and Cultural Champion
2019 - 2020
SVP, Creative Director
2015 - 2018
Associate Creative Director